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is committed to providing the highest quality industrial hygiene and environmental consulting and engineering services.
Summary of Consulting Services

Asbestos Consulting

Building Inspection / Assessment (AHERA)
Asbestos Material Management Programs
Abatement Design & Air Monitoring Construction Management
Asbestos Training
Litigation Support and Expert Witness

Industrial Hygiene Consulting


Indoor Air Quality Investigations
Chemical and Biological Exposure Assessment
OSHA Regulatory Compliance
Chemical Products Inventory Database
Lead-based Paint Assessment / Sampling
HVAC Inspection & Evaluation
IH / Environmental Public Relations

Environmental Consulting

Regulatory Compliance & Permitting
Field Sampling / Site Studies
Design & Management
Toxic and Hazardous Materials Management
Storage Tank Compliance Programs
Remediation Design

Laboratory Services


Asbestos in Bulk Building Material using
Asbestos and other fibers in air using
Phase Contrast Microscopy


We provide a complete range of sampling kits and media in order to properly collect a wide range of materials such as paint (lead), building materials for asbestos, paint and building materials. .

ATLAS' laboratory provides rapid high quality analytical services for asbestos and other fibers in air testing.

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