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Asbestos Consulting

Building Inspection / Assessment (AHERA)

Many types of inspections and assessments can be conducted depending on the objective of the client.
The types of inspections and assessments may include:

  1. Standard Building Inspection
  2. Contamination Assessment
  3. Exposure Assessment
  4. Materials Condition

These services include the inspection and sampling of building materials to determine if asbestos is present and its location and condition. The assessments may also include contamination and exposure evaluations. These services are provided for all types of buildings such as single and multi- family residences, schools, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities.

Asbestos Material Management Programs

After the presence of asbestos materials has been verified through inspection, the materials should be managed under a Comprehensive Operations and Maintenance Program (O&M) until they are systematically removed or for the life of the building. By law these materials must be addressed and handled appropriately prior to any disturbance by routine operational activities, renovation or demolition. Management tools provided by ATLAS include:

  1. Operations and Maintenance Program
  2. O&M Database

These services include the development of O&M plans and databases that allow facility management personnel to manage the asbestos-containing materials in place. The O&M plans and databases provide fingertip access to vital information such as location of materials, procedures for routine operational activities, maintenance, renovation or any other activity that may potentially disturb the asbestos-containing materials, response actions to accidental disturbances and much more.

Abatement Design & Air Monitoring Construction Management

Asbestos is a hazardous substance that may have serious health effects associated with the exposure to airborne fibers. Accidental disturbance or improper and careless removal can cause release of a significant airborne concentration of fibers. All asbestos abatement should be properly planned, managed and monitored by a qualified Asbestos Consultant. All asbestos removal should be conducted in accordance with abatement design plan or specifications. Clearance air testing should be conducted in all areas prior to re-occupancy if any asbestos has been removed or disturbed. ATLAS provides:

  1. Abatement Design, Preparation of Work Plans and Specification
  2. Abatement Project Management
  3. Contractor Monitoring
  4. Air Monitoring and Project Close Out

These services include the development of asbestos abatement work plans or specifications for the proper removal of asbestos-containing materials at the project site, supervision of the asbestos abatement contractor with regard to area preparation, work practices, maintenance of containments and work areas as well as the adherence to design specification. ATLAS provides all required daily monitoring and air sampling for re-occupancy evaluation.

Asbestos Training

ATLAS provides training for asbestos workers, contractors and consultants. Our curriculum includes all asbestos-related areas, and also key training in many other industrial hygiene and environmental areas. ATLAS is an approved Provider with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (Provider No. 0004565). All of our training stresses a "hands on" approach which includes many practical exercises that assist the student in learning the essential materials and gaining vital skills.

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